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We organise and market a variety of tours for groups or individuals, including:

Profits towards alleviating child poverty through education in Mongol

The prices are based on two persons or more, single supplement available
Our tours are tailored to your requirements, we can amend the itineraries and costing according to your own specification. 

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Altai Mountains and Eagle Tour

Come explore this NW region near Russian and Kazakh borders of Beautiful Mongolia. Meet the Eagle Hunters and experince their lifestyle.Walks, Horse riding and Camel riding.

Trekking + 4x4/Camping   Drive as  far North as Lake Khovsgol. largest Lake in Mongolia. Trekking around the national park and overnight stay in gers.(yurts.)

Reindeer People

(Horseback) The Tsaatan live as nomads moving camp several times a year, usually when the seasons change. The Tsaatan life has been built entirely around their reindeers. Their reindeers provide them with milk, cheese, meat, and transportation. Sleep in teepees with the Reindeer family or tents.

Nomadic Herder Families

You can also stay with a herder family in their ger (yurt) or tents  and experience real herder life, authentic Mongolian herder meals including homemade yogurts and traditional milk and cheese products. You can help herd sheep, yaks  and goats, taking a horse ride to look after the livestock.

Fishing   Mongolia's  clear rivers host a number of species, Grayling, lennock and the Taiman, the world's largest  salmonid. Taiman often reach 30 kilos.


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Customised Adventure Tours in Mongolia 2018/2019

With ten years experience within the country and a wide knowledge of its language and its people, we are perfectly placed to introduce you to this fascinating and beautiful country.

We cater to individuals looking for the non-package experience. We also devise and support on-site services for diverse itineraries required by film makers, naturalists, or research groups.

We tailor our itineraries to your specific requirements and will provide experienced travel guides, support and excursion planning for a single person or group. We have a wealth of information, experience and local knowledge to back us up.

If you are interested in Mongolia then speak to us to before you plan. We offer the full spectrum without the common limitations imposed by the travel industry!

We are involved in several humanitarian & charitable projects in Mongolia, focusing on medical care and building schools. Part profits from our tours go back to these ongoing projects.



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