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Altai Mountains and Eagle Tour

Come explore this NW region near Russian and Kazakh borders of Beautiful Mongolia. Meet the Eagle Hunters and experince their lifestyle.Walks, Horse riding and Camel riding.

Trekking + 4x4/Camping   Drive as  far North as Lake Khovsgol. largest Lake in Mongolia. Trekking around the national park and overnight stay in gers.(yurts.)

Reindeer People

(Horseback) The Tsaatan live as nomads moving camp several times a year, usually when the seasons change. The Tsaatan life has been built entirely around their reindeers. Their reindeers provide them with milk, cheese, meat, and transportation. Sleep in teepees with the Reindeer family or tents.

Nomadic Herder Families

You can also stay with a herder family in their ger (yurt) or tents  and experience real herder life, authentic Mongolian herder meals including homemade yogurts and traditional milk and cheese products. You can help herd sheep, yaks  and goats, taking a horse ride to look after the livestock.

Fishing   Mongolia's  clear rivers host a number of species, Grayling, lennock and the Taiman, the world's largest  salmonid. Taiman often reach 30 kilos.


Your adventure starts here!

Itinerary 3         Reindeer People & Trekking  21 days

May to September

 Day1: Ulaanbaatar 
We meet you upon arrival and transfer to hotel.  Dinner and hotel overnight.

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Day2: Ulaanbaatar/ Murun
After breakfast, we begin our drive to Murun, north most getaway town and transfer to our ger camp. Then we prepare our trip to north. Load our food supply here.

Day 3. Arrive camp Ich Uul to Overnight.

Day 4. Arrive Moron, to go local markets to prepare for trip to Taiga.Overnight.

Day 5 Murun- Ulaan uul Village- Bayan  uul
This morning we drive to Ulaan Uul village for 170 km. There pare several rivers and 2 other mountain passes we will pass. We visit to small glacier after a lunch.  We continue drive to Bagtag River. We set up our camping in the pine tree Mountain Bayan. Dinner and overnight.

Day6 Bagtag River Valley / Tsagaan Nuur village
After a breakfast, we drive to Tsagaan Nuur village, smallest village in Mongolia. Lunch at Tsagaan Nuur Village. Meet local Reindeer guides and horses.

Day 7 Khogorog- Taiga           
After breakfast, we start riding to East Taiga (South Edge of Siberia). We need to ride for 7 hours including lunch break. There is a high pass with ice and snow but terrain is amazing and peaceful. Taiga riding is a bit difficult comparing to steppe or somewhere else. Because it involves some obstacles like bogs, pine trees, lot of small streams, bushes and some steep riding.
When we get close to reindeer herders, you will start seeing Indian looking Tee-Pees with chimney with smoke, rein deer herds are just walking next to you and hearing mixed sound of dogs barking, kids playing and women making tea valley and food in the pine tree mountain .We have a lunch and dinner with rein deer herders. Overnight.

Day 8 Taiga, magical place 
Full day of rest. We experiencing local herder’s everyday life and a chat with rein deer herders and discuss with them medical herbs and flowers. Rein deer herders so eager to explain you what flower is good for which part of your organs and so on. In addition, they are great at healing with nature. You can see some rare flowers and wild animals in this region.

Day 9 Drive back to Moron. Overnight.

Day 10 Drive Lake Khuvskul. Overnight with family.swim, view Lake. Possible boat trip.Overnight with local herder family.

Day 11
Drive back to Moron and camp by river.

Day 12 Drive over the mountains to Tsetseleg.Overnight with herder family. Milk yaks, see lifestyle of nomadic herders with animals.
Horses, goats, sheep, yaks.

Day 13..Arrive UB and overnight hotel.

Day 14. Shopping and site see in UB. Chinggis Khan Statue.Overnight in UB in either guest house or Ider's Ger Camp.

Day 15.Drop off airport.


Price includes:

  • Airport collection and delivery 

  • First and  last night in guest house, in Ulaanbataar.

  • 3 meals a day

  • All accommodation in Gers, small hostels or  tents .

  • 4WD transport 

  • All camping gear provided, except sleeping bags.

  • Horses and associated riding gear, except hats

  • English and Mongolian speaking guides

  • Beer and vodka will be provided when we camp!, 


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